Art of Silver Service

3 days
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3 Days

The Art of Service

  • History of Gastronomy
  • Anecdotes of historical customs
  • Culinary terms
  • How to behave in front of guests, proactivity
  • Luxury codes, expression, attitude, excellence expertise, savoir être/faire
  • Protocole, Taylor made service, how to create a climate of trust
  • Sharing of experiences, positive feedbacks, challenges, set mutual objectives
  • Adapt the service to the related culture, 5 classics words for Indians, Russian, Japenese, French, German, Spanish, Chino, Arabs, Kosher…
  • Sequence of services, Guest path
  • Guest welcoming protocole – sitting etiquette – F&B etiquettes
  • Internal communication, challenges faced, objectives – Briefing content, task distribution, predinner check list, organiszation & flow of the service
  • How to present a Menu ?
  • How to provide a discret service ? How to leave the table ?
  • Standing cocktail/on board parties : attitudes, organisation, mise en place, equipment…
  • Words to banish : No problem, small, ok…
  • Polishing Silver
  • Various Utensils
  • Tableware, glassware, silverware, equipment needeed
  • Table Place Settings
  • Mise en place of a table
  • Table decorating (Theory & principles of design, working with greenery, creative use of water, mystery box challenge)
  • Linen, napkin folding
  • Tray Service (Beverage Service and Room service)
  • Food & Beverage HACCP/HABC – Hygiene codes
  • Microbiological hazards (bacteria), Spoilage and preservation, Food poisoning and its control, Contamination hazards and controls, Food handlers and personal hygiene, Food premises and equipment, Food pests and control cleaning and disinfection Food safety and law enforcement.
  • Guest preferences and dietary requirements, Allegies, food restrictions management, Various Diets (veg, kosher,etc.)
  • How to manage and resolve guest complaints. How to deal with drunk guests, annoyed guests, over demanding guests…
  • How do to an inventory
  • Checklists and SOPs for service LQA Leading Quality Standards
  • Tray handling exercices (soupe, martini glasses…in the stairs)
  • Carving and serving ustensils, the basic rules of carving
  • Synchronised service, french, russian, plated (american) style service, silver (english) service, Family service
  • Fileting, side board/gueridon service : beef carving, rack of Lamb, poultry, seabream, Seabass in a salty crust, Turbot, Lobster, Caviar service, type of bread, Truffle shaving, Chocolate service, Pasta service, Side service, English, French, Russian service, crepes flambéed, Side service (dressing, sauce…), cheese service, french/italian dressing, cocktail sauce, shrimp sauce, beef tartare, salmon tartare, oysters service, fruits…
  • Setting up a buffet & Beach BBQ
  • Hot Beverage service, tea time experience

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