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Located just 30 minutes away from Nice International Airport, The Château-Saint-Martin in St-Paul-de-Vence hosts The Academy from October to April where students have the privilege to be hosted in a luxury setting during their training.

Château-Saint-Martin provides all the necessary facilities, including suites ranging from 30 to 50 m², a renowned restaurant and kitchen distinguished with a Michelin star, a professional bar, state-of-the-art fitness center, and conference rooms to ensure the best possible academic environment. This unique setting allows students to experience the luxury of a 5-star establishment and immerse themselves in their future working environment.

The use of luxurious surroundings, such as a French Palace located in the French Riviera, as the backdrop for learning, creates an immersive and inspiring environment. Students can experience firsthand the elegance and sophistication associated with luxury hospitality, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of the industry.


During the immersive training, students will be given complete autonomy and the responsibility to ensure the cleanliness of their own accommodation and common areas, as well as providing service in the restaurant. Conversely, they will also have the opportunity to experience the Palace-level service.

From Land to Sea, The Academy adjusts the location of its training program based on the seasonality of the tourism market and the availabilities of the crew. The training can either take place at Château-Saint-Martin in Saint-Paul-de-Vence or alternatively, upon request, The program can as well be applied to a specific yacht with tailored modules attended onboard.

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